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When do I need to subscribe to get the next box?

Boxes often sell out so subscribe by the 20th of the month to guarantee receipt of the next box.

When do the boxes ship?

Boxes ship by the 5th of each month. 

How do I track my box shipments?

Your tracking number is emailed to you and also found in your account when you log in. You can find instructions for finding your tracking numbers here

When will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the 11th of each month. You will receive an email alerting you to your renewal 1-2 days prior to you subscription renewing. 

What are the box themes for 2019?

January - Valentine's Day

February - St. Patrick's Day

March - Easter

April - Mother's Day

May - Father's Day

June - Patriotism

July - Back to School

August - Baby

September - Wedding

October - Halloween

November - Thanksgiving/Fall

December - Winter/Christmas*

*Christmas theme can be swapped out for Hanukkah or another holiday celebrated in December. Notify us by email at info@sweetsugarstar.com by November 20th to swap the holiday theme of your box. 

How do I make changes to my subscription before it renews?

You can make many changes to your subscription by following the instructions found here. 

How do I make changes to my account? 

CrateJoy has created wonderful instructions for your account management here.

How do multi-month subscription plans work?

Multi-month subscriptions are priced lower than the standard month-to-month subscription and are paid upfront. Your subscription will renew on the 11th of the month following shipment of your last box in your subscription plan. 

Can I buy a box without a subscription?

Boxes often sell out to subscribers each month. However, if there are extra boxes after subscription boxes have shipped, they will be listed in the store as a one-off purchase without a subscription. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are handled through the CrateJoy software. You can cancel your susbcription by following the instructions found here. If you have trouble, you can always contact us at info@sweetsugarstar.com

How do I request a refund?

You can request a refund by emailing info@sweetsugarstar.com. Refunds are only offered for boxes that have not been shipped. If you purchased a multi-month subscription plan, you will be refunded for only the boxes that have not been shipped; shipped boxes will be charged at the monthly rate ($35). For example, if you purchase a 6 month subscription and request a refund after receiving 2 boxes, your refund will be the cost of the 6 month plan less $70 and shipping costs for the 2 shipped boxes.