We want you to be happy

If that means you need a refund or replacement item, we are happy to do that for you.  Here is how our refund/replacements work.


If you aren't happy with your subscription, email us at info@sweetsugarstar.com and we will provide a refund. Your refund will the balance of your pre-paid subscription amount minus the price of the boxes already delivered at the cost per box of a shorter subscription plan. This means if you have one box delivered but pre-paid for 6 boxes, your refund will be $133 ($168 for 6 boxes at $28/box minus $35 for the one box delivered). 


Received a cutter, stencil, or other re-usable item you already have? Let us know and we will send you a replacement item of equal or greater value at no charge. You can even keep the original we already sent you (pssst....give it to a cookier friend; she'll love you forever!). 

Please note we do not provide replacements for one-time use items such as sprinkles and luster dust. 

If you receive an item with a defect, let us know and we will send you a replacement, no questions asked. We inspect everything we send out but some defects don't show up until you try to use the item. So, let us know and we will take care of you, pinky promise. 

For all replacement requests, email us at info@sweetsugarstar.com.